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Singing Confidently

In Front Of Other People
Have you ever wondered why, no matter how much you practice and sing well in front of your mirror, your online performance falls short of your actual potential? You might be passionate, driven, and hard-working. But strangely, the moment you start singing for a game’s music, your nerves get the better of you and your singing performance ends up suffering and you are not able to sing with confidence.
Worry not, this happens even to seasoned singers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert singer, making a few healthy habits and continuous practice can help you overcome the jitters and show the world your actual potential.

How To Sing With Confidence
Confidence is the trust or assurance you have in yourself in being able to do any task you want to do. Building confidence is as much important as trying to get the right notes and getting your breathing right.
What do you think makes the difference between your shower-singing to singing in front of an audience? The fear of singing in front of an audience (whether online or on stage) comes from the inserting fear of making a mistake or stage frights.
And in most cases, stage fear happens because you fear being judged and have doubtful thoughts about your skill. These thoughts overwhelm you and stop you from giving a good performance.
So, the first step to gain confidence in singing is to stop caring what others think about your skills. It's easier said than done. Here are some practical thought bits and tips that can help you be more confident when singing.

Practical Tips To Sing With Confidence
Work On Your Inner Thoughts
When you know you can sing well, you will feel less fearful of the outcome.
Develop an understanding of your skills. By being consistent in your efforts, you can be assured of the quality of sound you make. You need to be happy with your sound. Get accustomed to hearing your voice.
Keep a mantra to yourself on the likes of 'I have sung this many times. I know I can'. Do wholeheartedly believe you can.

Practice and Gain Mastery
It is quite possible to learn to be confident when you approach singing as a skill to be mastered and give it a deep level of commitment.
Hire professional guidance such as that of a voice coach or a singing teacher to help you work on the difficult techniques until you gain mastery over them. You can also take help of MyVo app that will help you sing better. The better you perform in your practice lessons, the more confident you will feel.
Have a list of songs that you are assured of singing well. These songs can be your go-to songs when you are feeling a little low on confidence. Practice untold it becomes effortless to sing the song as you wish.
Social Modeling
Sometimes the fear of singing comes when you start comparing yourself with singers who are far ahead in their singing journey. Remember, everyone is unique and each person has their techniques and skill levels. The important thing you have to keep working on is your improvement.
Seek out singers who are at the same level as you are. If you are a beginner, form a rapport with beginner singers. This can help you share each other's success, challenges, and help you motivate yourself for better singing.

Verbal Assurance
Persuade yourself of your skills with the help of assuring words. Verbal encouragement can help you overcome self-doubt and be more focused on the task at hand which for you would be singing in front of a crowd. Also, if possible try to surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage you when you go on stage.

Deal With Your Psychological Responses
Sometimes, you may feel all confident and perky but the moment you step on stage, you just can't shake off the nervousness and fear that binds you. This can even happen to otherwise strong performers.
Learn skills that will help you effectively deal with negative moods and psychological responses. Take up a warm-up routine like breathing exercises, positive visualizations, and try to enjoy singing as you naturally do. Get help from your vocal coach on the best calling techniques that will work for you.

When we are worried, the adrenalin level goes up. 30 sit ups or whatever you prefer will help you make use of the extra energy and will also tone and warm you up before the performance.
Valeria Dele, singer and co-founder of MyVo
Warm-Ups and Tips To Make You Feel Confident On Stage
While consistent practice and self-assurance is key to building up confidence, there are few other things you can do to ensure your mind stays calm and you feel comfortable during your on stage singing.

Be Prepared
If possible, get to the stage before the performance and get familiar with the surroundings. Practice the song you are going to sing on the stage and imagine a crowd before you.
Another way to get prepared for a live audience is to simply find an audience to listen to your singing whenever possible. It can be your friends, family, or music class peers. You can also take up some trips to karaoke bars, perform and listen to other people sing to get rid of the initial shyness of facing a crowd.

Memorize the Lyrics
Have you seen how sometimes professional singers seem to be most focused on the message more than the song itself? It actually helps deliver better performance. Understand the lyrics of your song and memorize them before singing to an audience. It helps you connect with the song better and enjoy the performance yourself.

Do Not Focus Much On The Audience
Focus on your song than the audience, no matter what the reaction is. Express the song you are singing and when that becomes your goal, the need for perfection will bother you less. You can look past the audience or just focus on their foreheads to avoid distractions.
And remember not to stop when you make a mistake. Keep continuing the performance.

Warm Up Exercises
Just like how athletes do stretching to relax and make sure they don't get injured, singers need to take up vocal warm-ups and even whole body warm-ups to feel confident and perform better.
Here is a short warm routine you can follow to sing a solo confidently:

  • Fix your posture. Stand upright and relaxed.
  • Roll your shoulders back and down 5 times. Stretch your neck muscles and gently pull from either side towards your shoulders alternatingly.
  • Next, place your hands on your jaw and start massaging near the ear working down to your chin. You can practice soft vocalization as you massage.
  • Massage your resonators as well. Make gentle circles with your fingertips to massage your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Massage for a few minutes and then move on to a breathing exercise.
  • Gently breathe in by filling your mouth and throat with air and exhale slowly and add some vocalization when you exhale. It may sound like a heavy sigh. Maintain zero tension on your vocal cords as you continue the breathing exercise. This helps you relax.
  • As for vocal warm-ups, you can make motorboat sounds with your lips as you exhale, perform tongue trills, make siren sounds, and combine some range practice while you are at it.
  • You can also rehearse some tongue twisters to make sure you don't stumble on words on stage as you sing.

So, give these tips and recommendations a try now. Shed all your worries, and gather your confidence. We are sure you can do it!
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