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MyVo App Is Finally On AppStore
and it's free!
Hey folks! We’re so glad to announce that MyVo app is now available in the AppStore.

What’s MyVo?
It’s an app that helps you improve your singing. Actually, it’s the newest way to train your voice, backed by knowledge sourced from the best vocal experts and data from an exercise algorithm. Once you open the app, you’re invited to take a quick test to detect your vocal range. What for? It creates a base for your personalized training program.

MyVo will adjust to your needs as you progress on your vocal journey with the exercises becoming more advanced, thus keeping it interesting and challenging for you.

How singing lessons work
The educational program is divided into two parts: theory and practice.

Theory that helps you improve your singing
The easy-to-follow explanations of everyday theory will provide the knowledge basis for your development as a singer.
Do you know why singers cover one ear? How to breathe properly? Which parts of the body produce a sound and how to manage it? You’ll find it all out!

Practice just like with a vocal coach
The practice section offers a set of four exercises that help you polish your pitch, improve your hearing, get better ear-voice coordination, and develop a great singing voice.
Guess what? Your vocal training only takes 10 min a day and is available from anywhere you feel comfortable.
Singing app? For free?
Yes, we’re not kidding! Everything in MyVo app is free. Here is the link to the AppStore:
Get MyVo App for free
Let your exciting singing journey begin!